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Creating the world's first blockchain ecosystem for the fully compliant issuance, trading, clearing & settling of tokenized securities.

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What is Prometheum

ICO Tokens where investors seek investment profits have been declared securities by the SEC. Prometheum believes tokenized securities are the obvious future for securities. The underlying infrastructure for the issuance and transaction of ICO tokenized securities does not exist.

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Blockchain Security

Prometheum, Inc. is creating the necessary blockchain securities infrastructure for a tokenized securities ecosystem. The Prometheum Network will serve as the smart contract enabled blockchain where all tokenized securities processes will occur- from issuance to trading through clearing and settling.

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White Paper

The White Paper sets forth the regulatory and operational business model of the Prometheum Network

No Action Letter

The request to the SEC for no-action (the "No-Action Letter"), if the SEC concurs, will enable authorized broker-dealers to hold ICO securities for custody and safe keeping under the Customer Protection Rules (15c3-3)

Press Release

May 11, 2018- Press Release
Announcing Updated Reg A+ Filing

Our Roadmap

November 2017

Reg A public filling/indication
of interest page goes live

December 2017

Reg D institutional offering
Token Price A (For Reg D Investors)

Sept/Oct 2018

Reg A qualification (opens)
Reg D offering closes
Token Price B (For Reg D Investors)

Q1 2019

Reg A offering closes
8-12 Moth For Development OF Ecosystem

Q1/2 2019

Genesis block issued
eco-system goes live

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All timeframes are estimates and subject to change

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Early Registration

Sales of Ember Token securities (the ICO) will fund initial development of the network. Ember Tokens are the fuel for the entire Prometheum Network and are the foundational token on which other ICOs will be issued (e.g. ERC-20).

Prometheum intends to own the licensed BD and ATS allowing for compliant purchasing, trading and processing of tokenized securities on the permissioned securities smart contract network. Prometheum will be responsible for the ongoing development of software that will allow qualifying broker-dealers participation in the Prometheum Network via its ATS and intends to offer primary ICO issuances to their respective clients.

Service providers and decentralized applications (DApps) can develop additional securities services that operate on the Prometheum Blockchain. All traditional brokerage processes are open to anyone who wants to engage in use of the network.


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Prometheum's offering is only appropriate for investors who are familiar with, and willing to accept, the high risk associated with ICOs. The purchase of ICOs and cryptocurrencies are particularly risky and may result in the total loss of capital invested. The regulatory and operational business model proposed for the Prometheum Network (i.e. "White Paper") is subject to change, regulatory uncertainty and implementation failures. If and when launched, the Prometheum Network may not be favorably received, resulting in its tokens having low or no value. Past performance of a network or cryptocurrency is not indicative of future events. Only investors who understand the risks of speculative investing in new classes of securities should invest in Prometheum.

Prometheum Investors are urged to check with their financial advisors to be sure that any investments, advice, products and/or services offered by Prometheum are right for them.