Creating the world’s first digital ecosystem with fully compliant




of tokenized securities.


Prometheus ushered in an age of technological advancement when he bequeathed fire to man. Similarly, Prometheum will usher in an age of technological advancement for financial services when it makes the Prometheum Network available to the financial services industry.

The Prometheum Network is a regulated and decentralized securities smart contract network designed to handle all ICO security token related activities.

Tokenized blockchain securities
represent the future of securities ownership

We are creating an ATS for primary issuance and secondary trading along with all necessary clearing and settling infrastructures in order to become the securities ecosystem for the issuance, transaction and processing of blockchain token securities (ICOs).

Modernizing Financial Services

An ecosystem designed to serve as the decentralized smart securities infrastructure where all blockchain securities processes will occur.

Decentralized Brokerage Infrastructure

Prometheum leverages blockchain technology to disintermediate financial services. All securities processes are validated through a distributed ledger that is controlled by participants in the ecosystem.

Increased Security for Securities

Incorporating the benefits of existing, proven blockchain technologies into the securities landscape while bringing the benefits of regulatory compliance to the ICO universe.


Invest in ICOs using fiat or cryptocurrencies. Compliantly trade cryptocurrencies and tokenized securities. Alleviates the risk associated with investing in unregulated ICOs.

Preparing ICO's for the Future

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently released its DAO report which is generally understood to advise the public that Initial Coin Offerings offered with the expectation of profits from the efforts of others are securities, and the offer and sale of such ICO tokens without compliance with the Federal Securities Laws is illegal.

We are making it possible for a regulated tokenized securities market to continue flourishing under the auspices of regulatory bodies.

Continuing the Exchange
of Virtual Currencies

Virtual currency exchanges are currently the primary means of token exchange and trade. Virtual currency exchanges are not registered ATS/BDs and as such will be forced to withdraw services eliminating the current means of exchange for ICOs.

Prometheum will hold all necessary licenses for compliant issuance, trade, transaction and exchange of virtual currencies and tokenized securities.

Planned with DApps in Mind

Prometheum will allow for and promote the development of decentralized applications that can provide additional securities services to members of the network.

Tokenized Securities

Ember, Prometheum’s native token, will provide the fuel necessary to make the network function. Embers will also be the backbone for tokenized securities issued through the platform fostering a healthy secondary market for tokenized securities issued on the Prometheum Network.

This will create unique investment opportunities for all individual and organizational members of the Prometheum community.

Third-Party Developers/BusinessesThird-party developers can create decentralized applications that take advantage of the Prometheum platform. Our hope that this will help spur further modernization of legacy systems in the financial service industry.

Financial Service ProvidersInvestment Banks and Broker Dealers can offer new tokenized securities investment opportunities to clients in a regulated ICO ecosystem.

MembersAny registered member who passes AML/World-Check on the Prometheum platform will have the opportunity to participate in regulated ICOs, trade token securities, purchase token securities with fiat currency or cryptocurrencies and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Token PurchasersThe Ember token is the native currency of the Prometheum network. Participants in the sale of Ember can retain their Ember tokens for the value they will hold in this necessary and valuable platform.